A Jamboree is the ultimate Scout camp. Every four years, Scouts have the opportunity to attend an Australian Jamboree where they join 10,000 other young people from around Australia and across the world for a 10-day camp.

The Jamboree site is a small city. There is everything you could possibly need, including stages, activity zones, a marketplace, campsites, entertainment, a medical centre and a transport hub. The Jamboree even has its own radio and TV stations! Now imagine the possibilities when you fill that space with 10,000 Scouts – the perfect ingredients to make friends for life!

Jamborees are a lot of fun, but they are also an awesome immersion experience, building self-confidence and developing independence, responsibility, and self-reliance in the Scouts who attend.

A Jamboree provides a safe, structured environment for Scouts to challenge themselves to try new adventures, develop social skills outside their normal peer groups and gain new skills working together over 10 days. After returning from a Jamboree, Scouts have even been known to clean their rooms without being asked, cook the family dinner and do their own clothes washing!

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of young people.

A Jamboree is a crash course in the Scout program, an intense 11 days with friends old and new.

Scouting is linked to increase resilience in young people, and benefits like more positive mental health, that last a lifetime.

Scouts will have cared for themselves and helped others, done their share of cooking and other chores, while enjoying an amazing range of new experiences – from rock concerts to adventurous expeditions. Plus time to chill out, and recharge for more fun.

A Jamboree is just two weeks away from home but Scouts come home two years older! It’s an experience you will never forget.

The Jamboree will run from 6 January 2025 till 15 January 2025. Our Contingent will most likely depart Western Australia on 5 January 2025 and return on 15 January 2025.

Maryborough Showgrounds & Equestrian Park in regional Queensland is the location for AJ2025.

We already know Maryborough is a great site because it was the venue of the 23rd Australian Jamboree in January 2013.

There are currently 3 visitors’ days planned for AJ2025.


  • Friday 10 January 2025
  • Saturday 11 January 2025 – Future Scout Day
  • Sunday 12 January 2025

Saturday 21 September till Monday 23 September 2024 – that’s the long weekend.

The camp is two (2) night’s duration.

The role of the Patrol Leader within the Jamboree Unit is to lead your Patrol on activities and on Duty Patrol. The Patrol Leaders also meet with the Leaders as Unit Council to consider any issues, and how the Jamboree Unit is running.

Patrol Leaders may be elected by all the Scouts, or chosen by the Unit Leaders. Often the Jamboree PLs are also PLs in their home Scout Group.

Each Patrol also has an Assistant Patrol Leader.


Our Jambassadors are aiming to visit every Scout Unit in Western Australia to share their Jamboree stories! We’ll bring photos, videos, badges and prizes to get your Scout Unit excited about January 2025.

The roadshow presentation is most effective if parents/guardians are invited to come along and discover what the Jamboree is all about.

To book a roadshow presentation, contact us.

Applications & Eligibility

Applications for AJ2025 are now Open!

Register  now before applications close on 31 March 2024

Apply Now 

31 March 2024

Late applications received by the Western Australia Contingent after the closing date:

  • May be accepted if there is room in the planned Jamboree Unit and/or arranged Western Australia Contingent travel plans.
  • Applicants may not be with their home Unit if Jamboree Unit have already been formed and no space is available.
  • Applicants cannot be guaranteed any or all of the standard Contingent supplied merchandise, nor will there be a reduction in the amount payable if some items are not available.

Scouts must be aged between 11 and not have had their 15 birthday as of 6 January 2025. 

Venturer Scout – Program Participants must not have had their 17th birthday as of 6 January 2025.

Venturer Scout – Service Leader roles must have had their 16th birthday as at 6th January 2025 .

  • Must be a current registered Scouts WA  Member at the time of application and through until at least 15 January 2025.
  • Must not have had their 15th birthday as of 6 January 2025 ie. Date of Birth after 6 January 2010.
  • Must have met the requirements, before 1st December 2024: 
  • Program Essentials Milestone 1, as well as Outdoor Adventure Skills Stage 3 in Bushcraft, Bushwalking, and Camping.
  • Must have completed 10 nights camping under canvas with the Unit or Patrol at a Scout camp. Three of those nights must be consecutive and camping with family or school is not considered within the ten nights.
  • Must have approval from the Unit Council.
  • Must have consent from their parents/guardians.
  • Must be considered by their parents/guardians and Unit Council to be of both sufficient maturity and good behaviour to successfully participate in the event.
  • Be approved by their Contingent Leader in line with their Branch policy.


Head to our Event Fee page for more information.

Event Fees

The payment schedule can be located on our Event Fees page.

Event Fees

There are two types of fundraising – personal saving toward the Jamboree, and shared fundraising by your Scout Group.

Scouts can save toward the Jamboree by banking loose coins, putting aside some pocket money each week, asking for a Jamboree contribution as a birthday or Christmas present, doing odd jobs for extended family and close neighbours (car washing, lawn mowing, baby sitting), selling home-grown vegetables or baked goods or jam or other items, raising a calf or lamb for market, and by supporting your Scout Group’s fundraising. Earning your way is an important part of the Jamboree experience, and a great lesson for later life.

Scout Groups tend to put on a few bigger events and share this equally with all participating Jamboree Scouts. Typical ideas include Bunnings sausage sizzles, a raffle, a well-planned trivia night with extra cash games, a garage sale, or community clean-ups or car park duty. Too many events are hard. Better to plan a few bigger ones. It’s important to fundraise from people outside your own Group – not work hard to recycle your own money.

We’ve got even more fundraising tips here.


There will be a huge range of on-site activities, day and night, as well as several major off-site activities.
Scouts will also enjoy quieter activities around the camp site, and live entertainment at night, socialising and making new friends, and completing their turn as Duty Patrol.

Check out more details about the program here.

No, AJ2025 will stay at the Maryborough Showgrounds & Equestrian Park for the entire duration

The usual Jamboree highlights include the opening and closing ceremonies, live music, talent shows, comedy, and the radio station.

But AJ2025 is planning some special secret entertainment highlights. More to come later…

Accommodation & Gear

Check out our suggested gear list here.

You’ll sleep in tents at your Jamboree Unit’s site. The tents will be provided by the Western Australia Contingent. Camping will be arranged across the Maryborough Showgrounds & Equestrian Park site. Western Australia will have a dedicated headquarters area in the mall, and each Jamboree Unit will set up camp in an allocated section in one of the sub-camps.

Jamboree Units have six Patrols each with six Scouts, plus a number of supporting adults

Subcamps are a bit like suburbs within the Jamboree site. Each has its own amenities like toilets and shower blocks, food collection points, garbage disposal points, and chill out zones.

Each sub camp has a support team that looks after facilities and assists with food distribution.

There will be three sub-camps for Scout camping – each with about 80 Jamboree Units – as well as separate sub-camps for Service Leaders and Venturer Scouts.

Your Jamboree Unit will have its own campsite within your sub-camp.

Everyone is expected back in their own campsites soon after any night entertainment has ended.

But your Unit Council – your Jamboree Patrol Leaders – will decide when everyone has to be back at camp each night, and what time is lights out. Sometimes, after a few long days, the Unit Council might decide that everyone is having an early night.

Yes, and your home Unit will be joined by Scouts from a few other Scout Groups from Western Australia to form a Jamboree Unit of approximately 36 Scouts.

This is one of the best bits about a Jamboree – new friends from new places. You may even have Scouts from overseas in your Jamboree Unit.

At this stage, Jamboree Units will be formed in May 2024, and participants advised in June 2024.


For two weeks the site at Maryborough will be transformed into a large town, with all the facilities of a regular town.
The shopping centre will sell snacks, souvenirs, camping gear, postal services and much more.

There are also first aid posts and a medical centre with beds for those who need overnight care, plus a 24-hour police station and fire station.

There is a main arena for major entertainment and ceremonies, as well as a mini-arena, and chill out sites where can relax and chat with friends, read, play chess or watch the cricket on TV. Depending on your mood, there is always something to do.

The AJ2025 radio station is a source of news, information and entertainment, while the daily newspaper will be delivered to your campsite late each afternoon before dinner.

Each sub-camp has toilet blocks (with sanitary bins) and shower blocks. There are separate facilities for Scouts and adults. There will facilities close to every campsite.

These are cleaned several times a day, but it is everyone’s responsibility to treat facilities with care.

Yes, hand-washing clothes is part of the Jamboree experience. It’s good to practise at home. Jamboree Units will have buckets and detergent for washing clothes.


Your Jamboree fee covers all food. Food is collected fresh daily by the duty Patrol from the Jamboree supermarket. Jamboree Units can also order extra items as needed.

Each Patrol in your Jamboree Unit will take turns at being duty Patrol, and cooking the meal for the entire Unit. Leaders will guide you. On average each Patrol will do about 1.5 days of being Duty Patrol. Some of the best fun at Jamborees is learning how to cook your own food.

All special diets and allergies will be accommodated.

You should advise of special food requirements or allergies when you complete your official Jamboree application.


Our Contingent will travel to the Jamboree via plane to Brisbane airport and then coach to Maryborough.

The event fee includes return travel to the Jamboree site from an airport in Western Australia. Some regional travel to Perth Airport for the onward flight to Brisbane may be via road coach.

Our Contingent will most likely depart Western Australia on 5 January 2025 and return on 15 January 2025, so make sure you leave a day either side of the official Jamboree dates.

Travel to off-site activities will be by bus. The Jamboree will use dozens of buses every day.


Our Welfare Team exists to support all youth members to have a great Jamboree experience. Before you submit your application, chat to your Scout Leader or Group Leader about any additional requirements. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Then make sure you note everything in your online Jamboree application.

The Founder of Scouting, Baden-Powell, was determined from the very beginning of Scouting, more than 100 years ago, that Scouting was to be available to all – regardless of nationality, faith, ability and more.

Accessible facilities include showers, toilets, activities, entertainment, and chill out areas.

Carers are able to attend the Jamboree to support youth members. Contact us for more information.

Jamboree organisers will ensure that the religions of all participants will be catered for – with food requirements, and religious observation ceremonies.

Every effort will be made to identify those who wish to take part in the observance of their own religious beliefs, to ensure that all Scouts are given the opportunity to attend services, should they wish.

Health & Wellbeing

The onsite medical centre will be staffed by volunteer doctors, nurses and other support staff with extensive medical experience, particularly with young people. This centre will have beds for those who need to stay overnight for extra care.

Agreements will also be in place with local hospitals for more serious cases. The nearest hospitals to the event site are at Maryborough (4 kms) and Hervey Bay (35 kms).

There are also first aid posts around the Jamboree. Every Jamboree Unit will have a Jamboree Line Leader who will help with first aid and related issues.

As a large town, Queensland Police will have a 24-hour police station throughout the Jamboree. Many of the police on duty will be current or former Scouts, so they’re very friendly.

The Jamboree will also have its own 24-hour fire station.

Depending on the type of medication, it can be managed within your Jamboree Unit with the help of your Leaders.

If your medication needs refrigeration, it can be looked after by your sub-camp team.

It is no different to how you would manage at home, school or a normal Scout activity. Make sure you have the correct medication with you and include all details of your condition in your application.

Jamboree activities are designed to be challenging and fun, but safety is always the first priority.

Specialised teams will run most activities, and every aspect of the Jamboree will be checked by our qualified safety professionals.

If you don’t feel comfortable with an activity, speak up. Tell your Patrol Leader, fellow Scouts, Leaders, or welfare team.

There are many people you can talk with – the choice is yours. These range from your fellow Scouts, your Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader, your Unit Leaders, or the Jamboree or Contingent welfare teams, or the first aid teams.

There is always someone to help.

Scouting has zero tolerance for bullying. If anyone is causing unhappiness for others, this would initially be handled within the Jamboree Unit by the Unit Council and adult Leaders. However, if necessary, this would be escalated.

Safety measures off-site are similar to those on-site. All off-site activities will provide first aid and welfare support if needed.

You will do most activities as a Patrol so your fellow Scouts including your Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader will look out for you. Unit Leaders will accompany Patrols on many activities, and Activity and Service Leaders will also ensure you are well looked after

There is a first time for everything! But, by AJ2025, you will be experienced. You will have already done a number of Scout camps, at least 10 nights camping, with at least three nights in a row.

Of course, a Jamboree is different – bigger and longer. It’s also busier, so you may find that you sometimes forget about home, because you are doing so many exciting things.

Plus, there are so many friendly people. If you feel down, there are Scouts, Leaders, and others to help out.

Please tell your Patrol Leader or Leader if you are tired. Maybe you need to take a break, and do something quieter in a chill out zone, or get an early night.

Jamborees are based on the Patrol system. If a Scout does not wish to do an activity the Patrol will all work together to support the Scout as best they can. This may vary, depending on the circumstances of the activity. But you’ll never be forced to do something you don’t want to.

The requirement to have a minimum of 10 nights camping as a Scout before the Jamboree is aimed at helping each Scout best prepare for their time at the Jamboree.

But it is not unusual, at some point in the Jamboree, to miss some aspects of home. This usually passes quickly with the help of fellow Scouts, Leaders and our experienced welfare teams. Ultimately, in special circumstances, a Scout could return home. But this is very rare.

see you in MARYBOROUGH for the 26th Australian Jamboree – AJ2025 in:

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6-15 January 2025