Independent Travel

Independent Travel is where a Contingent member organises their own travel to the Jamboree. In other words, you book your own flights and make your own way to Maryborough. 

The Contingent will organise to collect you from Maryborough before the Jamboree. After the Jamboree, we will drop you back in Maryborough. Contingent members cannot be dropped directly at the Jamboree site due to security at the gate to ensure the safety of all Jamboree participants. 

There is an adjusted fee for Independent Travel.  

The Contingent may be able to accommodate changes to independent travel arrangements after 31 March 2024. However, there will be no independent travel rebate for changes made after the application closing date of 31 March 2024.

Participant - Independent Travel One-Way all others - Independent Travel One-Way participant - Independent travel Return all others - Independent travel Return
Event Fee $2,840 $1,525 $2,490 $1,175

Considerations for independent travel:

Payment Schedule - independent travel

Your first payment should be made online through on the online application system when you submit your application.

Remaining payments need to be made in accordance with the schedule below. Full payment can be made with the first payment should that be your preference.

If you experience difficulty with your payments, please get in touch with the Contingent Support Team by emailing as we may be able to assist with a personalised payment plan.

participants - independent travel one-way all others - independent travel one-way particpants - independent travel return all others - independent travel return
due with application
$150 $150 $150 $150
due 31 March 2024
$750 $750 $750 $750
due 31 May 2024
$650 $220 $550 $140
due 31 August 2024
$650 $220 $550 $135
due 31 October 2024
$640 $185 $490 $-
TOTAL $2,840 $1,525 $2,490 $1,175

see you in MARYBOROUGH for the 26th Australian Jamboree – AJ2025 in:

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6-15 January 2025