Contingent Update #2

This is your monthly AJ2025 WA Contingent Update.

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Your Quest Your Way is only 307 days away.


The next Australian Jamboree will be held at Maryborough Showgrounds and Equestrian Park, hosted by Scouts Queensland from 6-15 January 2025.

As the first Australian Jamboree since 2019, we’re expecting an outstanding summer of fun with thousands of new friends in January 2025!

Applications are now open and will close on 31 March 2024.

If you have previously completed an expression of interest, you will still need to finalise you application. This can be done by clicking on the button below.

Choose your experience

Something new is happening at AJ2025!

Are you a Venturer Scout? Did you miss out on a Jamboree? AJ2025 brings you a golden chance to rectify that missed opportunity! Venturer Scouts aged 15 and 16, this is your chance to dive back into the thrilling Scout program at the Jamboree. Come and experience the adventures, the learning, and the sheer joy of being a part of a Scout Patrol. Experience a Jamboree as a Scout once again.

Program Participants: 

An eligible Venturer Scout choosing this category will engage in all activities and have the same responsibilities as a Scout. 

To be eligible to attend as a program participant, you must be either 15 or 16 years of age (i.e. not have had your 17th birthday as of 6 January 2025). 

For our Contingent, Venturer Scout program participants can choose one of the following options: 

  1. Camp in a Jamboree Unit composed of Scouts and Venturer Scouts. You may be in a Patrol that includes Scout-aged participants. Choose this option if you want to camp with your home Scout Group at the Jamboree. 

  2. Camp in a Jamboree Unit composed of only Venturer Scout participants. You’ll be in a Patrol that includes other 15 and 16 year old Venturer Scout program participants. Choose this option if you are happy to camp with Venturer Scouts from across Western Australia. 

Service Leaders:

Venturer Scouts who will be 16 or 17 at AJ2025, can attend at Service Leaders. Your role will be as a service leader, supporting Scout and Venturer Scout participants to have an outstanding Jamboree adventure.

go nuts for doughnuts

Registered for Jamboree and paid your deposit?

Every week of March we will be giving away one box of doughnuts to a Scout who has completed their AJ2025 registration and paid their deposit. We will deliver a box of doughnuts directly to you. You can either share them with your Patrol, or have them all to yourself.  

All you need to do to be in the draw is to complete your AJ2025 registration and pay your deposit.  

Blue Cards

The Queensland Government does not recognise interstate working with children checks. In order to attend the Jamboree, all Contingent members aged 18 and over at the time of the Jamboree will need a valid Blue Card, which is the Queensland equivalent of a working with children check.

You will still need a valid Working with Children Check in Western Australia so as to maintain your adult membership with Scouts WA.

We strongly recommend that all Contingent members aged 18 and over at the time of the Jamboree work towards obtaining their Blue Card by 1 September 2024. You do not need to have obtained your Blue Card in order to submit your application to attend the Jamboree.

Information about how to obtain a Blue Card can be found by clicking the link below.

payment reminder

A friendly reminder that your first payment of $750 is due on 31 March 2024. Make your payment by logging into the online application system.

Visit our website for the full payment schedule, or to ask about a personalised payment plan.

financial support

Courtesy of the Lord Baden Powell Society, Scouts WA has access to a small pool of funding available to enable Jamboree attendance for members who are experiencing financial difficulty. 

To apply for financial support, visit our website and complete the online form before 31 March 2024.

Don’t forget that you can also contact you Local Government for support. Most local councils offer sponsorship, scholarships and funding for youth members who reside within their boundaries.

Visit our website for more details on financial support and information on how you can fundraise for AJ2025.

leader virtual townhall

To ensure our adult Leaders are up to speed, we’re hosting to a Virtual Town Hall at 2:00pm on Saturday 16 March 2024. We’ll cover all the latest Jamboree information, as well as some of the Jamboree basics for new players. Plus, plenty of time for questions.  

The online meeting will be recorded and posted to our website for Leaders who are unable to make it.

Meeting ID: 872 4034 1684

Passcode: 3rYedm

aj2025 - newsletter #1

The team at AJ2025 have published their first news letter.

To read all the latest news in the lead-up to AJ2025 click the image below and take a look at everything that’s been happening.

your discovery

Are you ready for an adventure at AJ2025?

Your Discovery is one of the program elements that you will get to do. Learn something new with a whole range of activities including Genetics, Coding, Engineering and Forensic Crime Scene.

Check out this video from AJ2019 to see what it’s like to be at a Jamboree

independent travel

Independent Travel is where a Contingent member organises their own travel to the Jamboree. In other words, you book your own flights and make your own way to Maryborough. 

The Contingent will organise to collect you from Maryborough before the Jamboree. After the Jamboree, we will drop you back in Maryborough. Contingent members cannot be dropped directly at the Jamboree site due to security at the gate to ensure the safety of all Jamboree participants. 

Independent travel requests must be submitted in your online application by 31 March 2024. You can make a request for independent travel on the ‘Contingent’ tab in the online application system. No changes to travel arrangement requests can be made after the 31 March 2024.


31 March 2024: Applications close

31 March 2024:  Deposit and First payment due

31 May 2024: Second payment due

24 August 2024: Leader Orientation Day

31 August 2024: Third payment due

21 – 23 September 2024: PREJAM (Scouts WA Adventure Centres – Manjedal)

19 October 2024: Patrol Leader Training Day

31 October 2024: Final payment due

9 – 10 November 2024: Gear Pack Weekend  (Scouts WA Adventure Centres – Manjedal)

5 January 2025: Contingent departs Perth

16 January 2025: Contingent returns to Perth

21 January 2025: Post-tour returns to Perth

8 – 9 February 2025: Gear Unpack Weekend (Scouts WA Adventure Centres – Manjedal)

Make sure you are aware of these important dates, we recommend adding them into your calendar now.

see you in Elmore for the 26th Australian Jamboree – AJ2025 in:

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6-15 January 2025